Buy Instagram Followers: Say “No” To Bots For Organic Engagement!

Buying followers on Instagram can be a tempting idea for all those users who are just starting to expand their business on this social network. But sometimes the shortest path is not the most convenient. And this can be applied in the process of creating a community of loyal followers on Instagram, who can become buyers of your products and services.

So that you know precisely what the disadvantages of buying Instagram followers are, we have prepared this post, in which we will tell you how the practice of buying Instagram followers has a negative impact on your business.

Pay attention to each of the points that we will present to you, and you will see that buying followers on Instagram will no longer be an option. As a consequence, you will be able to focus on the development of other types of organic strategies that benefit your business over time.

Are you ready? Let’s get started!

Buying Followers On Instagram Is A Waste Of Money

One of the most detrimental elements for the growth of your account within this social network is buying followers on Instagram. In fact, from an economic perspective, it is useless to buy followers on Instagram, if your posts do not have any point of connection with your fans.

The numbers are clear. Suppose you chose to buy cheap Instagram followers, you could easily find an account with more than 10 thousand followers, minimum.

Thus, today, you can find different web pages that specialize in selling followers for Instagram. Although the most common payment method is usually the PayPal platform, you can also find other interfaces to buy followers on Instagram and use other payment methods.

On the other hand, and according to data provided by a HubSpot study, 30% of companies consider that Instagram is the second social network that has the most impact on the growth of the rate of return on investment.

But the return on investment (better known as “ROI”) is very specific to buying Instagram followers, and it is really a waste of money and time.

Next, we will indicate the estimated prices of this little recommended practice of buying followers on Instagram. And then you’ll see the comparison to an organic campaign. You’ll be surprised.

From A Thousand To 10 Thousand Followers On Instagram

On average, these phantom users will show up within hours to a few days after spending around $12 to $80. If you take it to the currency of your country, you will quickly see the real cost of any page to buy followers on Instagram.

From 25 Thousand To 100 Thousand Followers On Instagram

This is where the heavy investment really starts; especially if your account represents a small business, which will be forced to spend between 180 and 600 dollars to buy followers on Instagram, capital that you will never see again.

If you think these new fans will earn you that investment, you’re wrong. It is that those accounts are practically inactive; and if you choose to buy followers on Instagram, you will be promoting your product or content to nothing.

The opposite happens with an organic campaign, in which the platform will adjust to your needs according to the estimated budget from the beginning. In this way, Instagram will not impose the cost on you to increase followers.

On the other hand, thankfully, Instagram understood that by enabling the disabling of the likes counter, it simply dealt a death blow to this market. But this is not so.

By paying 15 to 100 dollars a month, they can offer you from 50 to 1000 “likes”, only for that period of time in your publications; apart from the payment to get followers on Instagram in a doubtful way.

Simply put, by buying Instagram followers, you can lose hundreds or thousands of dollars in a matter of weeks. And for what? The only thing you will achieve is to have a ghost account that does not generate any organic reaction.

Forget about clicks on your links or views on your stories or videos, as this type of content will be lost as a result of buying Instagram followers.

In conclusion, with the sale of Instagram followers, only the companies that are in charge of marketing this type of followers benefit.

And consequently, you will have numerous bot accounts that will only increase the volume of your followers. They do not react to your posts or write comments or give “likes”; but for that, you will have to pay additionally.

One of the main reasons not to buy bots on Instagram is related to the customer loyalty process. By buying followers on Instagram, your engagement will decrease; and this alone will affect your reputation in a negative way.

It is true that users who visit your Instagram profile will be able to see the large number of followers you have on your account. However, when they view each of your posts, they will notice that there is not an organic interaction in each of the contents of your feed.

The result is an increase in the number of followers on Instagram, but a constant parameter of likes and comments on your posts. As a consequence, the people who visit your account will know in a few seconds that they are dealing with a case of buying Instagram followers and not a reliable growth strategy within the social network.